The Travels of Tug 44

- The Erie Canal System of Today -

The Travels of Tug 44 presents a photojournal of travels on the Erie Canal, the Champlain Canal and the Hudson River taken by Fred Wehner in the first two decades of the 21st century. Tug 44 is an American Tug pilothouse trawler, model AT34, about 38 feet long and 14 feet wide, and the 44th one built by Tomco Marine Group of LaConner, Washington. Tug 44 was built and delivered in June 2003, and has cruised mostly on the Hudson River and the New York Canal System including the Erie Canal and Champlain Canal.

The Tug 44 web site offers a photographic cruise log of the Travels of Tug 44 on the Erie Canal, Champlain Canal and the Hudson River, including pictures of towns, locks, lighthouses, historical structures and other points of interest on the New York Canal System and rivers. With very few exceptions, all pictures were taken by Fred Wehner, owner of Tug 44.

Tug 44 Fred Wehner at the helm
Tug 44 passes by at 18 knots, on the Erie Canal
near Little Falls, with Fred at the helm
Fred Wehner, Captain of Tug 44, at the helm (2007)

Locations, Canal Features and other Points of Interest on the New York State Canal System and Rivers:

For historical images, etc. of the Erie Canal, see The Erie Canal web site.

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